Change the way you move and feel in 15 minutes per day.

Get two 15-minute mobility routines and massively improve your movement to relieve back, neck and shoulder discomfort.Did I mention it's free?

How it works

Improve joint range of motion

Utilize breathing exercises to create space around your joints and improve your range of motion.

Train your new range of motion

Train throughout your new-found range of motion, so that you move better every day.

Feel work and live with more energy

Move well for just 15 minutes daily and you'll re-gain energy to focus on your business.

Why it works

In my 10+ years working with Business Executives and Entreprenuers, I have done a lot of great things and also made a heap of mistakes.Since creating my system, I've never had such consistently great results.
Back pain, neck/shoulder pain, hip and knee issues - I've seen it all.
And guess what? Just like in business, it's the principles that make the difference.
The principles of human movement.
If it's good enough for my clients around the world, then it's good enough for you.

Who am I?

I'm Jonny Stahl, a Rehab & Performance Coach with over 10 years of experience, both with high-achieving Business Executives and Founders, and also with elite athletes.The most common clients I see have:

  • Back pain, which limits their ability to move and walk/exercise

  • Neck and shoulder pain, which nags when sitting down, even though it's a daily work requirement

  • Hip and knee pain, which affects their ability to exercise, pick up their kids and do what they love most.

My mission is simple: To show business professionals that moving better is easy and that the ROI for their business and life is HUGE.

Move and feel better today

The most effective exercises based on 10 years of experience with Business Professionals.Brought together into two 15-Minute Daily Movement Routines.Full video tutorials, at your fingertips for free.